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About Us

Welcome to The Blueprint Corporation.  For more than 25 years, we have been dedicated to providing safety solutions for workers all across America.

Our mission is simple and clear. We believe that our success comes by way of helping others to succeed. Ours is a mission of service at the highest levels. We believe that words like communication, and knowledge, integrity, passion, persistence, and fortitude are the essence of any successful mission.

Marking the cornerstones on which our success is built are our four cardinal virtues: courage, discipline, purpose, and respect.

With this code, our team works tirelessly to understand what success looks like for your organization so that we can customize our Blueprint model to help you hit your goals.  By using standard operating procedures in all areas of our business, we can provide you with the courageous responses, disciplined approach, and purposeful actions that are respectful to everyone involved.

By connecting innovative product solutions with key distribution partners, we have the unique ability to help each of our end-user customers send their employees back home safely to the families each and every night.  It is our honor to help develop a vision for your organization that promotes accountability, encourages productivity, and keeps everyone performing to the highest and safest standards. 

At the end of the day, we believe that serving our principals, our distributors, and our end-user customers defines our success. Because for us, it’s more than selling, it’s our duty.

For not only do we write our blueprints, follow our blueprints, and live our blueprints, we are The Blueprint

Meet Team Blueprint

Darric Miller


Yomaira Miller


Jessica Morante

Marketing Director

Kevin Whaley

Regional Sales Manager
AL, MS, Central / Western TN

Tom Kasper

Regional Sales Manager

Tom Sadler

Territory Sales Manager

Tony Lechner

Territory Sales Manager

Meghan Lee

Territory Sales Manager

Linda Buturla

Territory Sales Manager

George Moore

Territory Sales Manager
DE, Eastern PA, NJ, NY

Eric Lopez

Business Development Specialist